Billy Bragg

billybragg_thumbnail Whilst working as the backline technician on the Jonathan Ross show Billy Bragg performed and broke a string. When I changed it in super fast time he offered me the job and I embarked on a world tour with him and his band The Redstars. Billy used 4 guitars throughout the show, a Gibson 335, a Telecaster, a Burns and an Accousticaster so it was always a busy show for me, as well as looking after the rest of the band. I drove everywhere in Europe, Japan, USA & Canada and Australia & New Zealand as Billy was anti tour buses at the time. The experience gave me a firm understanding and knowledge of touring in all of those regions. I went on to work with Pete Jenner of Sincere Management on Robyn Hitchcock, Michael Franti & Spearhead and The Bourbon Tabernacle choir. Billy Bragg says ‘Over the five years we worked together, Bec never let me down, whether solo or with a full band. She’s the tops!’