The Men They Couldn’t Hang


Being the owner of a tatty old van & fortunate enough to be living with a bunch of musicians, now known as The Men They Couldn’t Hang, who touched on social issues, the first steps in my career path were taken… without me even realising it!

I would take the equipment around to pubs and help set it up, maybe selling a few T Shirts or be on the door taking money while the band were on. There was a scene emerging with The Pogues,The Boothill Foot- Tappers and Blubbery Hellbellies which quickly took hold in London with sell out shows and work nearly every night. The industry was keen to get in on the act and record companies, music papers, managers, agents started to sniff around cutting deals here and there.

It became time to take it out of London and ‘on the road’ and so it was decided that I should drive (don’t think anyone else had a licence at the time) and that started years of constant touring throughout the UK and Europe.

I quickly learnt how to be a guitar technician and how to keep everything on time and to get the money out of promoters and so was given the role as Tour Manager after not very long. At the time it was unusual for a female to be in this role as it was a totally male dominated environment but for us it seemed quite natural and was wholeheartedly supported by their manager, Andrew Cheeseman, at the time.

I learnt SO much from touring with this band and it really was the springboard to the rest of my career.