Tour Management

My job begins by understanding the aims and objectives of the project, the aspirations of the people involved then making it all happen within the agreed budget. It is a complex role of real time logistics and people management and assumes full responsibility.

Connecting with other related sectors in the industry, pre tour production tasks involve researching of venues, liaising with promoters, understanding contractual obligations, hiring of staff and production companies, hiring of necessary vehicles, calculation of drivers’ hours, arranging accommodation, arranging merchandise, and producing an itinerary to show the daily schedule.

Health & Safety issues, driver’s hours, vehicle permits and security briefs are all responsibilities assumed by the Tour Manager before any event is open to the Public. Tour accounting has to be kept on a daily basis highlighting spend against budget, petty cash, and I am responsible for picking up the contracted performance settlements from the local promoters.

Prioritising and organising, pulling on knowledge, and keeping the information flowing are skills that I draw on for working with all people towards making the event happen successfully.